Kellys TYGON and TAYEN are the most advanced and well engineered e-bikes made so far. Build from scratch, the new platform does not accept any compromises - it was built to be an e-bike from top to bottom. Unique riding characteristics along with fully integrated 630Wh/17Ah battery and efficient Shimano drive unit allow new TYGON and TAYEN to bring the rider to the absolutely new level of e-biking.

2019 Models




This is what distinguishes Kellys’ new e-bikes from the other known designs. As in F1 racing cars, this unique way of design is based on monolithic, unified body of the bike creating a lightweight and extra-stiff structure for the best possible performance. By following the Uni-Body Integrated Design philosophy, our engineers were able to develop e-bike with the extremely high stiffness-to-weight ratio, with fully integrated components and undisturbed, uniform and durable construction.



The power source of new TYGON and TAYEN uses the latest technologies available - it’s compact, lightweight and has an unparalleled volume to capacity ratio. This is why our engineers were able to pack massive 630Wh/17Ah of energy into small, fully integrated power cell hidden in the frame. Thanks to its compactness the bottom tube of the frame, where the battery is placed, is single-wall, narrow and has an undisrupted structure which makes it stiffer and lighter in comparison to the other designs.


The new frame combines progressive geometry with fully integrated battery to keep the riding characteristics at the level unavailable for other e-bikes on the market. Short chain stays, expanded front triangle along with a low gravity centre ensures flawless cornering, stability and control. All the latest MTB frame technologies were also applied to provide the best mountain bike experience possible.



With the new frame came a new approach to the sizing and geometry. To keep the optimum riding characteristics and ensure flawless and comfortable ride our engineers designed the geometry for each frame’s size separately. Thanks to smart geometry every rider can be sure of the best and optimum performance regardless of the size of the frame.



It’s a design used in our latest full suspension bikes, and as in our NOID or SWAG, the Drive Core is also a heart of Kellys’ new e-bike frame. It’s a solid structure built around the drive unit and bottom bracket. It is not only holding the motor but also strengthen the whole structure of the frame bearing all the loads occurring during aggressive riding. The rigidity is the key factor of this design ensuring efficient power transfer, ultimate performance and extreme lateral stiffness so desirable by mountain bikers.