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“Think Link Suspension System proved to be well engineered and high-performing platform. This is why we wanted also trail and all-mountain riders to benefit from its unique characteristics. Thanks to tuned geometry and suspension we created all-new line of versatile, swift and robust trail bikes which can go far beyond the riding experience know to the mountain riders so far. Just choose your favourite wheel size, hit the trail and become the king of a mountain!”

The Head of R&D Department

Think Link Suspension keeps the grip at the best possible level and provides smooth stroke allowing uninterrupted power transfer from a crank to the rear wheel. It comes down to the fact that the suspension works independently being active in any situation utilising the full potential of the bike and the rider anytime anywhere.

Utilised in new Kellys NOID and SWAG the Think Link Suspension System proved to be not only high-performance platform but also durable and versatile solution for enduro riders. No matter if you are racing or shredding in a bike park during the weekend.

For 2019 season Kellys’ engineers decided to go further and implement Think Link Suspension System along with other unique SWAG’s technologies to the trail bike - the all-new Kellys THORX. Thank to re-tuned suspension, trail-optimised geometry and carefully chosen components, all trail riders from now on benefit can from the best suspension platform created by Kellys ever. But that’s not all! We’re giving all riders the freedom to choose their favourite wheel size - all-new Kellys THORX is available with both 27.5- and 29-inch wheels.



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