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“With all-new WHIP it’s really simple. Just think what you want to do and just do it. It’s really comfortable when you want to go over your limits and you’re sure that you can rely on your bike. It’s crucial factor when ride the extreme - to feel confident and become unstoppable. This is what new WHIP gives me every ride - and I love it!”

Kellys Factory Team

For the dirt riders every ride brings something new - it’s all about going further, overcoming fear and laws of physics, riding beyond. The dirt bike needs to be tough, robust and ready to go over the limits whenever the riders wants.

This is why Kellys created new WHIP - the toughest bike for the toughest riders. There is no compromises whenever it comes to the frame’s performance and strength. The new WHIP is stronger and easier to control - both on the ground and in the air, so every dirt rider can feel limited only by his imagination. The new frame’s geometry provides lots of fun factor, because we know that the dirt riding is all about fun!

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